About classes

Preregistration is required for ALL classes.

Agility classes are five weeks in length and cost $100.

For directions and maps to the training facilities, you can find that information here.

To find out about current and upcoming classes, please join our Yahoo group by clicking the button on the home page.

Please read over the class operating policies and mail a signed copy of the waiver (PDF) with your payment.

If you are signing up for a class within 24 hours of the start of that class, please be sure we have a phone number where we can reach you to confirm there is space available.

About Us

The name All Dogs Training may seem simple, but there is a story behind it. Lori loves her dogs and she loves working with them. When thinking of a name for the business, she wanted to honor her dogs while still finding a name that reflected what the business was supposed to be about. When writing out the names of the dogs Lori has had, the name for the company jumped off of the page. The names are Astro, Luna, Lily (ALL), Duck and Goose (DOGS). In addition, the name fit because Lori has had experience with a large variety of dogs at the Dumb Friends League animal shelter, from small breed puppies to large dogs with behavior issues.

Duck going over the A-frame Photo by Keith Highley; UtahDogBlog   

The challenges are fun no matter what the breed, age or temperament. While it is fun to take a puppy bred to excel in agility and turn it into a world-class dog, the feeling of rehabilitating a difficult dog and seeing it do well in life is so sweet. Lori has worked with deaf dogs and is currently working through the new challenges of helping her dog Lily deal with losing her eyesight.

No challenge is too great and as one fellow Cattle Dog owner says, “You can’t scare me, I live with Cattle Dogs” :-). Lori focuses first and foremost on building the bond between the dog and owner by making training and life fun for both.