Lori's dogsFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Which class is right for my 4-6 month old puppy?
A. If your puppy has been to a puppy socialization class and you are looking for more focused training, then the Family Dog class would be the best fit. If your puppy has yet to participate in classes, then the S.T.A.R. Puppy class would be the best bet. Socialization is incredibly important for a puppy if you want to have a well adjusted adult dog. Just playing the the family’s older dog won’t give the puppy the skills they need to succeed.
Q. When can I start puppy classes, aren’t vaccines needed?
A. Studies have shown the importance of socializing a puppy before the age of 12 weeks. After that age, it becomes more difficult to mold the puppy’s behavior. At All Dogs Training, puppy classes are held in rooms that are sanitized before each class to minimize the chances of disease being spread. The puppies in class are required to be on a plan specified by their vet in terms of vaccinations. Having worked at a shelter, Lori saw that the majority of dogs who were turned in were between the ages of 8-18 months and they had had no training prior to coming in so they were either shy and unsocialized or they were out of control. Every year, more dogs die from lack of training than from contraction of diseases such as parvo, distemper or kennel cough.
Q. What vaccines are required for classes?
A. Lori believes that vaccination schedules need to be determined by each pet’s veterinarian. Lori just requires that each dog have regular check-ups to ensure that they are on the correct program for their health.
Q. My dog has been in agility classes before, which class should I sign up for?
A. Please contact Lori directly to discuss what level would be the best fit for your dog.