Classes cancelled today
(Feb 2)


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New classes

Basic information about training methods and class structure can be found on the main "Classes" page. Descriptions of specific classes can be found on the agility class page.

Please read over the class operating policies and mail a signed copy of the waiver (PDF) with your payment.

Welcome to All Dogs Training

Lori and family dogswith instructor Lori Asbury. At All Dogs Training the focus is on providing quality training with an emphasis on fun and the relationship between dog and owner.

Lori was introduced to the world of dog training while looking for help with her own dogs’ behavior issues. She learned that by using clicker training and positive reinforcement it is possible to have well adjusted dogs.

Lori has since trained hundreds of dogs both in the shelter and in public classes and is also a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT). She also attends seminars and workshops to stay up on the current research and training methods in order to provide the best education to her students.