Comprehensive approach

We started training with Lori after the frustration of our dog’s first agility trial. We asked around for recommendations—Lori Asbury was the name heard repeatedly. Her training has had a dramatic impact on my husband and Katie’s trial results. In their first 6 months, Glenn and Katie have earned 4 titles in NADAC and 5 in DOCNA. They are a few Q’s away from titling in USDAA after only 2 trials. More important is the change from frustration to fun—mistakes no longer feel like failure. With Lori’s help, mistakes on trials have become challenges to improve and guide us. Practice has become more focused, successful, and downright more fun.

Katie and GlennLori sees the individuality of handler/dog teams. She helps analyze and run courses in ways best suited to them. Our dog is much faster than my husband who has advanced arthritis in his knee. Instead of seeing that as a handicap, Lori has turned this mismatch into an asset. Since starting with Lori, my husband has learned how to look at and analyze trial videos. She incorporates specific challenges of trials into class. She has helped make the transition from beginners, focused on individual obstacles, to a team able to transition to pathway work on the course. Katie is having a blast.

Lori is a gifted teacher who knows the subject matter and has excellent teaching skills. She is able to impart the fun and excitement of agility into her teaching. She has an enthusiasm for the individual dogs in her classes. She also has a knowledge and understanding of the different agility organizations (AKC, NADAC, USDAA, DOCNA) so that she can truly help each team do their best.

Merri (wife, cheerleader and practice coach), Glenn and Katie

Positive Attitude

MorganIn 2009 my rambunctious Portuguese water dog Morgan and I entered our first agility trial and he typically ran NASCAR laps around the ring. I knew I needed to find a trainer to help me refine my handling, mitigate the stress I was placing on Morgan and improve how he & I communicated.

During our first year competing, whenever I saw Lori, she was complimenting people and congratulating them on their successes, rather than offering unsolicited criticisms. I was impressed with Lori’s communication style and that she was always willing to help people, even those not taking classes with her.

I soon learned Lori had started her own dog training business and was holding classes near my home. I immediately signed up. Lori’s training assisted me in choosing better handler paths while providing information to Morgan in a timely manner. Morgan now trusts me more which has diminished his zooms/stress, increased our Q ratio while improving our course times. I’m very happy how Morgan and I have progressed and attribute our growth to Lori. We have fun training with her and always look forward to seeing her at both class and at trials. She really cares about her students and their dogs.

I highly recommend Lori and believe that any handler and dog, regardless of age, experience level or breed can benefit from Lori’s guidance and training.

Margo & Morgan Fournier, March 2011


I can’t say enough good things about Lori and All Dogs Training. We have a (soon to be) 2-year-old border collie named Kita. We started pre-agility and shaping classes “just to try it” over a year ago and have had so much fun that we never stopped. Kita is a very loveable, goofy, boundary testing, high energy dog and I am completely new to dog training and agility. We have both learned SO much and have benefited greatly from Lori’s knowledge, encouragement, flexibility, good humor and never ending supply of patience. Whether dealing with difficult issues or celebrating successes, Lori’s demeanor always seems appropriate. When I say “Wanna go do agility?” Kita immediately perks her ears, cocks her head, and runs to stand — nose at the door — ready to go; an official dog approved testimonial, I think. Having fun while acquiring skills and developing a strong human/dog relationship is exactly what we were looking for.

Agility Can be Fun!

CricketI (and my 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) were so fortunate to have found Lori at All Dogs Training.

When it comes to teaching agility, Lori’s training methods highly motivate both the handler and the dog. Not only is she an exceptional trainer but she has a thorough understanding of the theory behind training, handling methods, and the mechanics of course analysis to be able to get the tightest line for your dog.

But that’s not the best part, she is a skilled trainer with PEOPLE as well. She is able to explain it all in a hands-on manner so that even a “dishead” like me can understand!

No matter what your level or what you strive to achieve, Lori is the epitome if a positive trainer and puts her heart into each handler and their dog. She pays attention to the details and the needs of every team. She goes above and beyond to prepare both dog and handler for all levels of competition.

My dogs and I continue to learn and improve every week. It’s amazing how much I have grown in terms of confidence, skill, knowledge and level of preparedness. My dogs have grown tremendously in training as well. We all look forward to agility class because it is the highlight of our week.

Stephanie, Cricket and Lola

HennyHigh Energy Dog

I adopted a 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Henny from the Longmont Humane Society in January 2010. It quickly became clear that she needed an outlet for her never ending store of energy. After completing a basic obedience course my mother and I started to look for an agility trainer. The first one we found taught the dogs agility by dragging them through the course using a whole hot dog. This technique did not suite me or Henny so we left after a few lessons. After a space became available in Lori’s classes we decided to enroll. Lori has a great teaching style and makes learning fun for both me and my dog. Lori is also very accepting of, and I think she actually likes my crazy terrier who can sometimes make life a little difficult. We have been with Lori almost a year now and plan to continue agility with Lori as our trainer for as long as possible.

Emrie Hoffman and Henny, Denver, Co

A Dog’s Perspective

MaggieRoseHi Everyone; I am Montgomery — Muggsy to my friends. I have a sister, Maggie Rose. About a year ago, Mama and Sister started agility lessons with Miss Lori. Sister was a little bit nervous at first, and Mama told her that if she didn’t have fun that she wouldn’t have to stay in the lessons. Well, even though at first sister was not sure about the lessons — and was even a little afraid — Miss Lori made her feel safe and comfortable. Miss Lori always knew the right things to say and the best way to help her learn. She showed Sister that she could do amazing things! And pretty soon, with each passing lesson, Sister started having more and more fun, until she could not wait until it was Lesson Day!

Miss Lori made learning agility fun for Sister AND for Mama! Now when I watch Sister practice her courses I know that it will not be too long before she will be ready for Agility Competition! She might even achieve her ultimate goal of “World Domination”! (Sister is a little bit grandiose. But that is ok. I help keep her “reeled back in” as Mama says…that is what brothers are for.) But that is not why Sister and Mama keep going to lessons with Miss Lori; they keep going because it is so much fun for them both. And that is what Miss Lori does best — she helps pups and their people have fun together.

Muggsy, aka Montgomery


Lori Asbury is a gifted educator. She attends dog-training seminars and subscribes to dog training magazines in order to keep current on latest training methods. She understands how dogs and humans learn. She comes to class with a lesson plan. When the dog and/or human run into a challenge, she divides the problem into smaller learning steps so that both can succeed.

Roxie Pipho,
Retired Teacher

Happy Dogs

ZeanaOne of the many things I have learned from both obedience training and agility training with Lori is to look at my dog(s) as one half of a team, and myself as the other half. While that is an obvious concept in dog sports like agility, it was not so obvious (to me at least) as a method of training my dogs to be well behaved. With patience and humor, Lori taught me a positive way to approach any and all training situations with my dogs. She excels in helping you identify and adjust to the subtleties in your dog’s personalities that affect the way they learn. I have happy dogs who are eager to learn new things and are not afraid to make mistakes. Her classes are well organized, challenging and fun My dogs love her and look forward to their training sessions, as do I.

Dianne and Zeana

Rex and GusGood Foundations

I got my 2nd agility dog Gus in August of 2009 and having talked with Lori at some agility trials the past few years; I decided to take him to Lori’s puppy class. It was such a positive experience, that I enrolled him in her agility foundation classes. Now we are in her advanced beginners class and Gus is doing great. Lori is so positive and makes class fun. She has taught me a lot about being consistent with my handling skills so my dogs don’t get mixed signals & take off-course obstacles. She is very technical and instills this in a very positive manner. I mention this because my older agility dog of 5 years, Rex has some issues because of my inconstant handling skills. The trainers I took Rex to while learning agility never really explained the basics of agility handling. I would highly recommend Lori to anyone who has a new puppy, wants to get into agility or is doing agility and wants to improve their handling skills.

Pete, Rex and Gus


I have been training my dog, Skye, in agility for 4 years. She is my first agility dog so both of us are learning. I have trained with other trainers during that time, but Lori is the one who enabled us to ‘Q’ in trials. Skye is a Border Collie and has ‘issues’ — stress, nerves, fear of movement, you name it! Lori not only makes our training time fun, but teaches a method which Skye understands much better than before. She knows where I want her to go (even when I think she won’t). Skye has even started giving me feedback when I give unclear direction! I suppose that means she is learning this faster than I am. We, no doubt, will always have some stress issues but training with Lori keeps us plugging along. I no longer feel ‘stuck’ — with no forward progress. Most importantly, Skye and I are having fun together! Thanks, Lori, for your fabulous training skills and patience with our many issues.

Lin Theders and Skye

Agility for Fun!

Mary, Hita and ChiquitaI met Lori when I enrolled in “Agility for Fun” classes a few years ago. Lori was our first agility instructor. I wasn’t sure I could do agility. She made the classes fun for both Hita and I. We took every agility class that she offered. I loved how she always had a class plan that she would and could adapt to meet the needs of each dog in class. She makes learning a positive experience for both dog and handler.

When my 2nd dog Chiquita was ready to start agility I started with Lori, and I also went to a different trainer. After several classes that trainer gave me back my money stating Chiquita had no potential (to be fair Chiquita was so scared at the new facility she would maybe do 1 jump and run and hide under the table). So I went back to Lori, who made agility fun for Chiquita because she liked both of the instructors and she learned playing agility could be fun.

Neither of my dogs have been “the dogs that agility comes naturally to”. They have both been difficult dogs. Lori has continued to help me to stay positive, giving me pointers and being a cheerleader & support system for me and the girls, even at trials.

I would recommend Lori as an instructor for any issues you have with your dogs.

Mary Vigil, Hita & Chiquita - Denver, CO

Experienced and Effective

Bob and IkoWhat makes Lori such an uncommonly good instructor is that she works equally well with dogs and their human handlers. She often sees in dogs what their people are missing or misreading, and she recognizes what handlers are communicating (often unwittingly) to their dogs. Having trained thousands of dogs and tutored hundreds of people, Lori knows what works and why, and she has a proven ability to pass that knowledge on to others. Whether she is teaching competitive agility, basic obedience skills or solving a specific behavioral problem, Lori’s experience, team approach & positive training philosophy ensure that working with your dog isn’t work at all it is fun, rewarding and above all else, effective!

Bob Fishman, Iko (pictured), Stanley - Denver, CO